About Us

Opus Prima is a full service architectural, interior design and planning firm based in Perth. We excel in both commercial and residential design.

Opus Prima Vision

As architects, we have two major responsibilities. The first is to our client, the second is to the community. Architecture is not just about a great façade. It’s about understanding our client’s aspirations for the building and providing solutions that are cost effective, functional and creative. Architecture is home, safety, nature, comfort … a good architecture effortlessly integrates your needs without compromising the needs of the others.

Sustainable design

Opus Prima does believe it is imperative not only to sustain our future but to be able to create a better one to ourselves to to our children. Architects are faced with the duty to bring to life the dreams and aspirations of our clients, within their means and within the means of the environment. Sustainability shall be seen as uncomplicated, a design initiative that leads to increased efficiencies and decreased running costs.

Blogging Architecture

We live and breathe architecture, so we thought that it would be a great idea to share our passion with you. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing an Architectural Blog to this website. Check back soon for updates on our latest projects, company news and photos of our work. We’ll also blog about industry news and events. You’ll even have the chance to give your feedback on all our stories.